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Fun Shoots!
Event Dates:  Fun Shoots will be the third Saturday of the month starting in June and running through September:
            June:           Favorite Pistol
            July:            Concealed or Carry Pistol
           August:         Hunting Rifle sight-in & best group at 100yds
           September:   Target Rifle (any caliber-no 50cal) 3" Gong at 250yds
Cost:  Participants*:  $5.00 for members / $10.00 for non-members / 
Spectators free*
*Note:  All persons entering the Range must sign a Liability Waiver & 
Range Safety Rules annually, upon entering the premises.  No exceptions.
Contact:  Mike McKinney    208.630.4173
McKinney Fun Shoot 2023.jpg
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