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Archery Range
The archery range consists of a hunter 3d course with approximately 14 targets with unmarked distances along a .75 mile loop trail.  Shots are set up to simulate hunting, so please don't trim or alter vegetation or obstacles.  Note that the course can change during the season, and the trail can be challenging in sections please pay attention to flagging and trail signage.


The archery practice range includes 5 4'x4' target bales from 20 to 60 yards.


Please note course signage before shooting and follow the course path without cutting across for everyone's safety. 


*NOTE: there are NO BROADHEADS allowed on any of the VCGC targets.


The club generally hosts a weeknight after work shoot that is announced via the Facebook page until September.

Contact:  Adam  email

*Note:  All persons entering the Range must sign a Liability Waiver & 
Range Safety Rules annually, upon entering the premises.  No exceptions.
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